12V Battery Automatic Charger for Car Caravan RV Motorcycles 220V


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100% brand new.
Very easy to use.
Superior quality, reliable.
Integrated circuit developed by the state of the art switching charger.

Charging time 8-10 hours is appropriate to prohibit more than 24 hours. 
The charger output reverse polarity protection functions, such as reversed,the charger will not work.
Will not overcharge or charge the battery sulfide caused by the capacity smaller and shorter service life. 
Can charge the battery between the mains 165v-280v. When battery full, will automatically shut down into a floating state.
To overcome the shortcomings of the of nostalgic low frequency charger, increasing the capacity and lifetime of the battery discharge point.
Dimensions: 14.5 x 8 x 5.4cm 
Output line length: 35cm 
Charger power cord length: 78cm
Input Voltage: 220V 50Hz 
Output Voltage: DC 14.4V Maximum 
Output Current: 6A
Fit for car boat caravan batteries RV motorcycles and more models.
Package Included:
1 X Battery Automatic Charger


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